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Containing all of the following: Ku Klux Klan (19th cent.)
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1. Constance Curry interview, 2005 October 25 Ms. Curry discusses her involvement in the interracial organization called National Student Association (NSA) and employment at SNCC. She often worked as a liason within SNCC and organized conferences and meetings.
2. Ernest Swann interview, 2006 April 20 In the interview Mr. Swann discusses his family's involvement in the desegregation of the Atlanta Public Schools. He was one of the first black students to integrate the high schools in Atlanta, Georgia.
3. John Davis Hudson interview, 2006 May 10 In the interview Mr. Hudson primarily discusses his experiences as one of the first black police officers in Atlanta, Georgia and his subsequent appointment as head of the city's Department of Prisons and Farms. Initially black police officers only patrolled black neighborhoods and could not arrest a white individual for any crime.
4. Johnny Parham interview, 2005 December 21 In the interview Mr. Parham his involvement in "testing" the buses in 1954/19544, the Atlanta Student Movement, and Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee. He became involved in the movement as a Morehouse College student. His involvement in the movement included marches and sit-ins at local restaurants. Mr. Parham also discusses the current challenges within black communities throughout the United States.
5. Xernona Clayton interview, 2006 March 23 In the interview Ms. Clayton recalls he childhood and the influence her father had on her perception of being black. She recalls her work in Atlanta, Georgia during the Civil Rights movement and her relationship with the KKK Grand Dragon in Atlanta.
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