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Parade of Progress of Colored Atlanta Film

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Parade of Progress of Colored Atlanta Film, VIS 179


The footage contained within this collection are film clips from Parade of Progress of Colored Atlanta commissioned by Eugene M. Martin (1888-1969) and produced by J. Richardson Jones (c. 1901-1948). "Eugene M. Martin, the Executive Secretary of Atlanta Life Insurance, commissioned Jones to produce a newsreel advertising the black-owned company to prospective employees and clients." In 1939, the newsreel premiered in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1942, Jones produced a two-hour sequel featuring successful African-Americans in the United States. Jones also wrote for the Atlanta Daily World and other African-American periodicals.



The footage documents a variety of activities including sporting events, homecoming, golf, motorcycle racing, occupational activities, and baseball. Included in the footage is the Atlanta Black Crackers baseball team playing a game at Ponce De Leon Park in Atlanta, Georgia. Some of the footage depicts African-Americans engaged in white-collar professions such as secretaries, newspaper printers, cashiers, and bookkeepers. There is also a small section of film with audio, reporting the return of A.L. Richardson, President of the Afro-American Life Insurance Company, from the "Holy Land."